Ok so I suppose you are wondering, what is this blog Sporf all about?

Essentially we want to keep the people of Sheffield up-to-date with art and culture in Sheffield, by that we mean exhibitions, news on Sheffield’s artist’s theatre, dance and the underground music scene. We feel that Sheffield has so much to offer, but a lot of it isn’t seen by the masses. We want to change that, we want to give you a guided tour of all that goes on in Sheffield in an easy to read, fun blog.

So what is a sporf?

Well… Firstly I think it would be useful to know what a Sporf actually is.

A sporf is the following:

  • Sporf = A spork plus 1
  • A sporf combines the following utensils: a spoon, a fork and oh my god a KNIFE
  • Unbelievably sporfs never took off, not even the sporf with a tin opener!


Why did we choose Sporf as the name for this blog?


Well we are based at the Creative Arts Development Space (CADS) in Shalesmoor; the building that we will be writing this in is an ex-cutlery factory. Sheffield is synonymous is steel and cutlery, we would like Sporf to be synonymous with Sheffield!


We hope you like the name, some of us didn’t at first but it usually grows on people.


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