Sporf Podcast 002 is here! DJ Wooda treats us to a 3 deck genre blending Xmas Special!

Leeds based DJ Wooda  is the provider of this months Sporf podcast and he’s given us a real christmas treat with all the trimmings. Having recently moved from Birmingham where he ran the successful ‘Resistance’ night, Wooda is hoping to start up something simaler up North so watch this space! A true vinyl junkie and a real bass merchant Wooda’s sets always hold a little bit of the unexpected.


For this Christmas special Wooda has given us  a 3 deck genre mash-up showcasing the full spectrum of bass music  by one of the most exciting new DJs we’ve heard in a while here at Sporf. So stick some chestnuts on the fire, put the Great Escape on mute, turn up your subs, sit back and introduce your extended family to the sounds of DJ Wooda!


01) Full Code – Sixty 8 (Consequence Remix) [Free]
02) dBridge – Creatures of Habit [Exit]
03) Rockwell – Everything (& U) [Darkestral]
04) Synkro & Indigo – Guidance [Exit]
05) Instra:mental – Photograph [Darkestral]
06) Distance – Skys Alight [Autonomic]
07) Loxy & Resound – Black Hole [Exit]
08) The XX – Shelter (Khanage & Alix Perez Remix) [Free]
09) Khanage – Original Sentiment [Architecture]
10) Icicle – Alien Groove [Shogun]
11) Nocturnal & Hybris – Pyramids [Revolution]
12) Rockwell – Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Critical]
13) Data – The Causeway [Influence]
14) Groove Chromicals – Stone Cold [Groove Chronicals]
15) El-B – Buck & Bury (Feat. Juiceman) [Roots of Dubstep]
16) Ramadanman Remix [White]
17) Instra:mental – When i Dip [Non Plus]
18) Addison Groove – Work It [Swamp 81]
19) Authur – The Teacher [Tectonic]
20) Goth Trad – Sublimation [Deep Medi]
21) Distance & Icicle – Exhale [Shogun]
22) Commodo – Uprising [Deep Medi]
23) VIVEK – Diablo [Deep Medi]
24) Distance – Mind Control [Chestplate]
25) Skream – Abstruse [Tempa]
26) Headhunter – Clone [Black Box]
27) J:Kenzo – Ruffhouse [Tempa]
28) SP:MC – Cool Runnings [Free]
29) Benton – Thermo Stellar [Black Box]
30) SP:MC & LX One – Hunted [Tempa]



Merry Christmas!!


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