DLS Podcast 001: Set 2

We are pleased to release the first in a regular series of podcasts by Dirty Little Secret, this month is Collect! DJ’s Set 2. Expect in the coming months plenty of four to the floor beats. Enjoy!


Nick Warren – Buenos Aries (Appelscal mix)th Borough Project – B.U.R.T.
Mirror Music – The Getaway
Michael Mclardy – Oslo Nights
Evren Ulusoy – Superpositions (Nick Stoynoff mix)
Maya Jane Coles – Simple Things
Mikalogic – Cheesemaker
DJ N.I.T. – Mufflemonster (Chris Blum)
-Unknown- – Sweep As Sugar
Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom mix)
Ron Flatter – Jolie Colotte
Enzo Elia – Bad Moments
Wagner/Holger Brauns – Erics Talking
Tiger Stripes – A Touch Of Class (Audiojack)
Bassfort – Last Night

Interview with Set 2

How did you come up with your DJ Alias?

We actually did think about this one. Set is the word in the English language with the most uses and meanings including g a DJ ‘set’ obviously. There are two of us (although only one on this mix) and a ‘set to’ is a fight or disagreement. It also doesn’t have many characters in it so we thought folk would print it bigger!

Who is your favourite artist and how did you go about choosing the tracks for this set?

The sound on this mix is deeper and housier than we normally would play at Collect! But it probably makes more sense for home listening unless you’re a reach for the lasers style techno nutcase! We have started getting deeper in what we play anyway and this is a kind of ‘best of’ the last year in deeper sounds. The only person who gets on it twice is Maya Jane Coles and I guess she is one of our many favourites at the moment.

What’s the biggest ‘fuckup’ that’s happened while playing out?

Fuck-ups are something we do well and we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to disappoint ourselves. It is usually achieved by playing really late on after drinking thrice our body weight in meth’s.

What equipment do you use?

Simple, CDJs and a mixer combo.

What’s your favourite tipple?

You can’t beat dairylea washed down with a special brew.

*Expect news on the next DLS podcast in the coming week!




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