Sporf Podcast 003- The Jigsta

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This month’s Sporf podcast is bought to us by DJ Jigsta a man with an almost unhealthy passion for Drum and Bass. Over the last few years Jigsta has appeared at nights throughout the midlands and north of England playing alongside scene heavyweights Klute, N-Phect, Randomer and Spectrasoul as well as supporting Professor Green at Detonate in Nottingham. This month he has provided us with a 90 minute set of deep liquid bass sounds and moody rollers showcasing the technical side of modern Drum and Bass.




Lynx and Hellrazor Ft Kemo – How You Move Me [Sun and Bass Digital]
FD – Blue Sky Research [Sun and Bass Digital]
Edward Oberon and Paul T – Love is [Mars Recordings]
Spectrasoul – Bygones [Shogun Audio]
Jubei – Outcast [Critical Music]
Krakota – Scraper [Ingredients Records]
Jin – Abysmal Box [T3K Recordings]
Dub Phizix and Skeptical Ft Strategy – Marka [Exit Records]
Commix – Talk To Frank (Break Remix) [Metalheadz]
Friction and K-Tee – Set it Off (Icicle Remix) [Shogun Audio]
Skeptical – Blue Eyes [Ingredients Records]
Bcee – Captured in Time [Spearhead Records]
Big Bud – Biggest Bhuddist [Soundtrax Records]
Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance [Horizons Music]
Chris SU – Promises [Sun and Bass Digital]
Commix – I Have You [Metalheadz]
Hydro and Break – Future [Levitated]
Friction and Ktee – Untitled Blues [Shogun Audio]
Audio – Missing [Subtitles]
Jade – No Cure (Black Sun Empire) [Eat Brain]
Optiv and BTK – Mind Over Matter [Frequency Records]
Noisia – Block Control [Moving Shadow]
Break – Hot Love [Ram Records]
Enei – Movin Fast [Critical Recordings]
Dose – Reason Being [Samurai Music]
June Miller – Snapcase [Modulations]
Noisia and Phace – Floating Zero [Invisible Recordings]
Spectrasoul – Wedgehead [Critical Recordings]
Calibre – Ugly Duckling [Signature Records]
Mortem – Get Close [Modulations]
Arpxp – Winter in Sardinia [Sun and Bass Digital]
Blu Mar Ten Ft Kirsty Hawkshaw – Whisper [Blu Mar Ten]



Sporf Podcast 002 is here! DJ Wooda treats us to a 3 deck genre blending Xmas Special!

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Leeds based DJ Wooda  is the provider of this months Sporf podcast and he’s given us a real christmas treat with all the trimmings. Having recently moved from Birmingham where he ran the successful ‘Resistance’ night, Wooda is hoping to start up something simaler up North so watch this space! A true vinyl junkie and a real bass merchant Wooda’s sets always hold a little bit of the unexpected.


For this Christmas special Wooda has given us  a 3 deck genre mash-up showcasing the full spectrum of bass music  by one of the most exciting new DJs we’ve heard in a while here at Sporf. So stick some chestnuts on the fire, put the Great Escape on mute, turn up your subs, sit back and introduce your extended family to the sounds of DJ Wooda!


01) Full Code – Sixty 8 (Consequence Remix) [Free]
02) dBridge – Creatures of Habit [Exit]
03) Rockwell – Everything (& U) [Darkestral]
04) Synkro & Indigo – Guidance [Exit]
05) Instra:mental – Photograph [Darkestral]
06) Distance – Skys Alight [Autonomic]
07) Loxy & Resound – Black Hole [Exit]
08) The XX – Shelter (Khanage & Alix Perez Remix) [Free]
09) Khanage – Original Sentiment [Architecture]
10) Icicle – Alien Groove [Shogun]
11) Nocturnal & Hybris – Pyramids [Revolution]
12) Rockwell – Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Critical]
13) Data – The Causeway [Influence]
14) Groove Chromicals – Stone Cold [Groove Chronicals]
15) El-B – Buck & Bury (Feat. Juiceman) [Roots of Dubstep]
16) Ramadanman Remix [White]
17) Instra:mental – When i Dip [Non Plus]
18) Addison Groove – Work It [Swamp 81]
19) Authur – The Teacher [Tectonic]
20) Goth Trad – Sublimation [Deep Medi]
21) Distance & Icicle – Exhale [Shogun]
22) Commodo – Uprising [Deep Medi]
23) VIVEK – Diablo [Deep Medi]
24) Distance – Mind Control [Chestplate]
25) Skream – Abstruse [Tempa]
26) Headhunter – Clone [Black Box]
27) J:Kenzo – Ruffhouse [Tempa]
28) SP:MC – Cool Runnings [Free]
29) Benton – Thermo Stellar [Black Box]
30) SP:MC & LX One – Hunted [Tempa]



Merry Christmas!!

DLS Podcast 002 has landed!

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The duo Growmore consists of Cargo residents Paul Growns and Chris Moore. Cargo is Sheffield’s longest running underground house and techno outfit who have been on the case for over five years now, long before the city started to wake back up into the world of decent music. Ie. They’ve done things the hard way and we’ve to thank them for that.

This mix showcases the more deep and jazzy side of their output but you can regularly find them throwing out big house floor bangers in a multitude of local venues which this year included an appearance live on Radio 1’s In New Music We Trust at the university.

Here at DLS they are considered up there with the best the city has to offer.

Download or stream the podcast here————–


You can catch them at the next Cargo night in their new home The Fez when they welcome Deep Space Orchestra and Alex Arnout to the decks. Link provided below for full info.


Or if you fancy a listen to some more of their fine fayre, you can find it here:


Thundercats Trailer

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This has nothing to do with electronic music, but i wish it did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWrh1axPj0M

DLS Podcast 001: Set 2

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Sporf presents: Kickflip Promo Mix (04.10.11)

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We are proud to present Sheffield’s very own Kickflip for our first Sporf podcast, the Sporf podcast is going to be mostly about the broken beats so expect dnb, breakbeat, hip-hop and dubstep!

Hybrid – Blind Side (Widescreen Eclectro Mix)
Freshquim – Supersize Your Brain
Utku S – Come Again (Kickflip Edit)
Botbass – Twin Nation (Kyle Cross Remix) (Kickflip Edit)
Slyde – Hold Tight
Rebel Sketchy – Square Dance (Lo IQ? Remix)
Mutantbreakz – Oh Baby (Remix)
Kondrashov – The Answer
Kaba – More Oxygen
Kosheen DJs – EddyFi (Original Mix) vs Peo De Pitte – Grey Tape
48k & Too Dusty – Nazis Must Die
Quadrat Beat – The Day Before (Chevy One Remix)
Denoiserzs – The Moon

Kickflip “Check the double drop on the Kosheen DJs and Peo De Pitte tracks as well ;-) First one recorded to mix!”


LISTEN ONLINE:  http://www.beatplexity.com/mix/?id=15285

For more info on Sir Kickflip check out his bookface: http://www.facebook.com/bob.kickflip

Thwitel by thwitel………….

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Who’s got a Sheffield thwitel in his trousers? The Miller of Trompington of course! Although it did him no good when two students came to have sex with his wife and daughter and steal his bread!

The Miller, from the ‘Reeves Tale’ in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales may not have been an expert in dealing with students but he certainly knew his knives. By the time the Canterbury tales were written in the late 15th Century, Sheffield had been producing knives for nearly 500 years and by this time were considered to be of the very finest quality.

The first recorded mention of Sheffield cutlery is in the inventory of King Edward III’s possessions in the Tower of London in 1340. King Edward must have valued the knife as he was very specific about leaving it to a beneficiary in his will.

Of course back then these knives wouldn’t have been known as half of the knife and fork combo, instead people would be more likely to see a knife and, well, another knife before them at the dinner table. That’s assuming they had their knives laid out at the dinner table as we do today, what’s actually more likely is that they would have carried their personal eating knives around with them. For this reason they were treated as treasured possessions and some people would even be buried with their eating knives.

So what of forks? Moped riding, penne munching, Italian Fancy-Dan-ery is what! While we in Britain were quite happy to eat our scraps of meat with our filthy hands, the Italians were developing forks for carving and eating, the first of which didn’t grace our shores for another 50 years.

This tradition continues today; in Italy forks are indispensible in the eating of pasta, the national dish. Meanwhile, it only takes a trip down West Street on a Friday night to see that one of our national dishes, the donner kebab, is still absolutely fine to eat with grubby fingers and actually contains the same quality of meat that could be found in the pantry of a 14th century peasant!

Now no conversation about cutlery can be complete without mention of the good old spoon. The spoon originated in the stone age and was usually a pretty crude device made out of scooped out animal horn or a shell tied to a stick. Strangely, even after the iron and bronze ages spoons were still largely made from these same materials, very few bronze spoons have ever been found and iron is not easily bent into the spoon shape.

Just like knives, people would often carry around their own personal spoons and when the Romans arrived in Britain they bought with them a whole new range of sophisticated spoons often with decorative ends and leaf shaped bowls. Spoons remained in this shape for a number of years until the puritans came along and decided that a decorative spoon was only one step away from a godless, alcohol fuelled, satanic orgy and so insisted they had the decorative ends removed and the bowls flattened giving us the shape we are familiar with today.

Looking at all this, you would be forgiven for looking back at the Miller of Trompington with his Sheffield thwitel and think that life was much more simple when the knife was the only item of cutlery anybody had to worry about. However, who could resist the pronging potential of a fork or the pain-free soup eating experience provided by a spoon? That’s right, no-one!

If only there was a way to experience all of the different cutlery  items in one handy easy to use eating implement… Oh ………………..wait for it………what the?! ………….it’s a SPORF!!!